Dozens take to two wheels in tribute to Harrogate's Mike Hall

People from all over the world took to two wheels in tribute of Harrogate’s legendary endurance cyclist Mike Hall.

Mr Hall was killed in a collision with a car during the Indian Pacific Wheel Race in March but a memorial service for his life was held at the Pavilions of Harrogate on Tuesday May 2.

Long-standing friend of Mike and Harrogate resident, Guy Kesteven, was one of around 50 cyclists who rode from Jennyfields to the Pavilions in tribute.

Mr Kesteven said: “It was emotional understandably but it was just a fantastic celebration of Mike’s life. There were people from all over the world including Kristof Allegaert, the guy Mike was racing against in Australia.

“There were people from New Zealand and South Africa, a dozen people had rode up from London and others from Manchester as well.

“It was a wonderful tribute paid by people from all different aspects of his life. I think he’d wonder what all the fuss was about but it was lovely.”

One such tribute was a poem written by Juliana Buhring, who was also involved in the documentary ‘Inspired to Ride’ which featured Mike during his preparation for the Trans Am Bike Race.

Rightly anticipating a large number of people attending from the cycling community, the Pavilions accommodated several bicycle racks outside the building which were left almost full once everyone had arrived.

Heather Parry, Managing Director of Pavilions of Harrogate, said: “It was an honour for Pavilions of Harrogate to host the celebration of Mike Hall’s life.

“We knew the cycling community would want to be here in force and so we provided temporary bike racks for up to 300 bikes and there was barely any room left.

“It was truly humbling to see so many cyclists – some travelling hundreds of miles across the country - turn up to pay their last respects.

“It’s clear Mr Hall was a real inspiration and much loved by his family and friends.”