Couples ready for banger rally

The Purple Turkey team members with their �400 banger nicknamed 'Saabrina'. (S)
The Purple Turkey team members with their �400 banger nicknamed 'Saabrina'. (S)

Two couples from Ripon are once again hitting the road in an old banger to take part in a three-day car rally through France and Spain.

Phil and Gillian Moorhouse, and Phil and Jill Scaife, are set to take part in the Barcelona Bangers event – the third banger rally in as many years the couples have taken part in – to raise money for the Jenny Unwin Appeal.

The Barcelona Bangers involves buying a car costing no more than £400, choosing a theme, decorating the car, putting on silly fancy dress and joining 240 like-minded people in a total of approximately 80 similarly themed cars and driving from Calais to Barcelona via Tours and Biarritz in three days.

Phil Moorhouse, whose team is called Purple Turkey, said: “Our theme this year is Christmas. Well, we will be taking part in the Barcelona Bangers Rally in May, so why not?

“We’ve had fantastic support from local businesses to ensure that our car, a 14-year-old Saab, nicknamed Saabrina, is in tip-top condition and highly decorated so that it turns the heads of those who see it drive past.”

The bonnet has been hand-painted with the four characters which the Phils and Gillian and Jill will be adopting for the rally – Father Christmas (Phil M), the snowman (Gillian), Rudolph the Reindeer (Phil S) and the Elf (Jill).

Phil added: “We’ve spent many an hour designing and cutting out vinyl stickers to adorn the car.”

This year the couples are raising money for the Jenny Unwin Appeal, which was set up to provide extra support for the Burton Leonard teenager who was paralysed from the waist down in July when she was knocked off her bike at the Bishop Monkton crossroads.

Gillian said: “Each year we have raised fantastic amounts of money for our chosen charities and we are delighted to be supporting the Jenny Unwin Appeal this year. Jenny is such a gutsy young lady who is determined to succeed in spite of her physical limitations.”

Anybody wishing to make a donation should visit the team’s website and follow the link to the bmycharity page.