Bonnie and Clyde run for Lotherton

Rare nocturnal cloud rats Bonnie and Clyde will be settling down for a quiet life after joining their fellow creatures of the night in Lotherton Wildlife World’s brand new Nocturnal House.

Monday, 17th May 2021, 2:00 pm

The pair are among a host of night-loving newcomers which have become part of the exciting new purpose-built, specially designed habitat.

Native to the Philippines, the elusive tree-dwellers are one of only two breeding pairs in the UK and have joined Lotherton as part of the European breeding programme to help protect the species for future generations.

Coun Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s executive member for environment and active lifestyles said: “It’s always exciting to welcome new additions to Wildlife World and I know visitors will really enjoy meeting the nocturnal animals and learning more about their lives, habitats and the threats they face in the wild.”

Clyde arrived from Cologne Zoological Garden, with Bonnie coming to the UK from Frankfurt Zoo, both in Germany.

Joining them in the Nocturnal House is another unique new addition, Pablo the kinkajou.

Pablo arrived from Amazon World on the Isle of Wight and is one of only a handful of kinkajous in zoos across the UK. He is joined in his enclosure by a three banded armadillo named Gaston.

Tropical World’s collection of Egyptian fruit bats and Seba’s short-tailed bats have also made the short move across the city to Wildlife World as part of the Roundhay attraction’s longer term collection development.

Both zoos will continue closely working together on conservation to help protect the bats and various other species.

Coun Rafique added: “It’s also fantastic to see both our zoos in the city, Wildlife World and Tropical World, working together to rehome animals and ensure conservation efforts are continued to help the various species in our collection.

“We’re very proud of the work we’re doing to conserve some of our planet’s vulnerable species and give them a safe and sustainable future.”

Lotherton’s Wildlife World opens May 18. Tickets: