Amazing Knaresborough boy, 5, organises charity event for stricken cousin

Knaresborough's Charlotte Kimpton with her son George.
Knaresborough's Charlotte Kimpton with her son George.

A Knaresborough mum says she is incredibly proud of her little boy for organising a charity event this weekend for a cousin stricken with a devastating condition.

Charlotte Kimpton said she had been amazed when her little George had suggested organising a fair to fundraise for Martin House hospice - he is only five-years-old, afterall.

Charlotte said: “I had to have a difficult conversation with George one day about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, the condition from which his cousin Sam suffers.

“I was taken aback when he suddenly said ”Mummy, we have to help the people looking after him. Let’s have a fair and make lots of money”. Since then he’s been working hard every day planning, drawing, devising stalls and activities with his friends, making posters and recruiting volunteers from anyone he crossed paths with. We’ve all been chipping to help.I’m so proud. He’s incredible.”

This Sunday’s event, called George’s Charity Family Fair and Picnic, will take place at at Knaresborough Cricket Club.

The aim is to make it a fun affaifr or families with martial arts, dance, creative arts, painting, sports, Zumba and party games.

There will also be many jewellery and pamper stalls to keep the parents busy, too..

The nature of the event reflects the kind of bond George, a pupil at Aspin Park Academy, has had with his older cousin Sam from the start.

Now aged ten, Sam was aged just four months when he was diagnosed with TSC, a life-threatening genetic disease which can lead to the growth of benign tumours in vital organs throughout the body.

Sam has been given a place at Martin House Children’s Hospice after his physical condition continued to deteriorate, somewhere he and his family can receive much-needed support.

But young George still loves to play with him, said Charlotte.

She said: “To George, he is just Sam. His funny, friendly cousin that he knows and loves. There are times when Sam and George play, laugh and chat together along with their siblings Ted and Isabelle.

“There are other times when Sam can become overwhelmed by his environment, a change in routine or unexpected events.

“Sam can often become tired and lethargic due to his epilepsy.

“But George takes it all in is stride and loves Sam for who he is.”

George’s Charity Family Fair and Picnic starts at noon this Sunday and runs to 4pm.

Families are invited to bring their own picnics to the cricket ground.

Among the many local groups involved will be members of Knaresborough Rocks and Knaresborough First Responders who will be there teaching CPR.

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