Passionate about helping others: Ripon resident publishes first book on dealing with stress and anxiety

Passionate about mindfulness and exploring new ways of helping people through anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, Ripon resident Gail Donnan has just added a new string to her bow, and published her first book.

Monday, 7th January 2019, 11:36 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 12:41 pm
Passionate about helping others: Gail Donnan.

Gail, who owns the Mindfulspace Wellbeing Company at Ripon Canal Basin, has poured 25 years of training, knowledge and day-to-day experience with mindfulness into producing the book, which is called The Gateway - A journey to re-claim your power from stress and anxiety.

The official launch of the book will be at Oliver’s Pantry on January 27, starting at 7pm - with a live pianist, goody bags, and a book signing. Gail said: “I started my role as an ambassador for Psychologies Magazine a year ago, and realised I had a talent for helping people through my blogs. So I took my 25 years of training and knowledge, and with a freelance local editor, put the book together over a six month period.

“It feels great to finally have it finished. All along my aim was to reach out to people who needed mental health support, to explain anxiety, panic and depression, and to give them permission not to be scared. The book is written in a friendly way with stories to connect to, exercises to try, and online meditations to use.

“Reading the book may be enough support for someone, but if they want to continue their journey we can support them in other ways - one-to-one therapy, well-being advice, retreats and courses. In the book I make no secret of the fact that my mental health issues were the reason why The Mindfulspace Wellbeing Company evolved.

“I am proud to be offering people support and if the book helps to empower one person’s life who is living through mental health difficulties it has served a purpose.”

The book will be sold via:, the Mindfulspace studios, Karma on Kirkgate, The Little Ripon Bookshop, and Cosmic Love in Knaresborough.

What's inside Gail's new book?

The book talks about issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, panic and fatigue, and offers solutions in the form of ancient techniques from the east - including mindfulness, meditation, reiki, energy medicine, yoga, aromatherapy, ayurveda, Qigong, and coaching techniques. There are also tips, exercises, inspirational quotes, and 10 personal stories from local people that have been supported by these techniques, or by the mindfulness centre at the canal basin in some way. There are also linked online meditations that the book directs you to.