Park is left for public to enjoy

MORE THAN 30 acres of park land in Scriven have been bequeathed to Harrogate Borough Council under the terms of a legacy left by Miss Winifred Jacob Smith who died in May this year.

Miss Jacob Smith's wish is that her land at Scriven Park, which is enclosed by a large stone wall, should be turned into a park for the benefit of the public.

Miss Jacob Smith stipulated that the land should not be used for the creation of a swimming pool or for any development building.

Leader of the Council, Coun Mike Gardner said: "Many of the country's great parks were gifted by generous benefactors, like Miss Jacob Smith, so that the general public can enjoy the freedom and beauty that public parks bring."

The legacy also stipulates that the great stone wall be retained to encompass the park. This land is known as Scriven Park Land but as a memorial to the Jacob Smith family, the park will be known as Jacob Smith Park.

The council will be putting together a funding package

early in the New Year to

carry out repairs to the wall, some safety work to trees

and to create a pedestrian entrance.

Once this, and the legal proceedings to transfer the land to the council's ownership are concluded, the park will be opened to the general public.

Miss Winifred Jacob Smith was the last survivor of the Jacob Smith family.

The Jacob Smith family

originated from Humberton where they were prominent members of the farming community.

They moved to Knaresborough at the beginning of the 20th century.

Miss Jacob Smith and her

sister, Dorothy, acquired Scriven Park from the Slingsby Estate and the park was home to

their pedigree Ayreshire cattle herd.

Miss Jacob Smith's sister, Dorothy Jacob Smith, died in the 1980s and it had long been their intention to preserve the tranquillity of Scriven Park for the benefit of the public.