Paranormal investigation at Harrogate Theatre discovers 'ghost'

Actress Nicky Bolton playing the ghostly spirit 'Alice' in a Harrohate Theatre stage production.
Actress Nicky Bolton playing the ghostly spirit 'Alice' in a Harrohate Theatre stage production.

A team of real-life 'ghostbusters' say they have found evidence of other-worldly activity at one of Harrogate's most historic locations.

Some people may have been a little dubious when the Harrogate Advertiser reported last month on plans for a paranormal investigation at Harrogate Theatre - but the team say it proved a fruitful visit.
But the joint undertaking at the dead of night by Harrogate Paranormal Society, Paranormal Huntz uk and North Yorkshire Paranormal Investigations may have provided real evidence of Harrogate Theatre's most famous ghost - Alice.
Susan Harker of Harrogate Paranormal Society said: "On reviewing our footage, we caught what appears to be tapping sounds and EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) flashes after we asked questions.
"There were also unexplained light flashes in row M, where a cleaner reported seeing an apparition of a woman and also in the balcony box where reportedly, Alice was said to have committed suicide by throwing herself off to the floor below."
"Alice" has been sighted many time by staff at Harrogate Theatre over the years.
Legend says she was the victim of a terrible love affair and is said to haunt the stalls area of Harrogate Theatre to this day.
She has been linked to ghostly spirits, orbs of hovering light, sudden chills and the lingering scent of peppermint.
But there is no official record of anyone called Alice in the theatre’s archives.
If anyone could detect this famous ghost, it was this heavily-equipped team of paranormal experts who carried out their mission with the blessing of Harrogate Theatre and its staff.
These specialists had brought their own recording equipment, EMF meters, full spectrum cameras and more to try and capture anything that was willing to show itself at this atmospheric Victorian theatre which first opened in 1900.
Other unusual activitity uncovered by the paranormal experts included:
Lights appeared in a mirror at the bottom of the back stairs where the theatre's associate director Phil Lowe himself saw an apparition of a woman.
Unexplained lights moving over the seating and balcony areas.
Something was spotted moving across the stage.
Susan Harker said: "It was a very interesting and successful evening . We'd like to thank Andrew Robinson and Phil Lowe and also Olivia and Jane who stayed with us the entire evening.
"We are looking forward to our next investigation."
The team doesn't have to wait too long.
Their next assigment takes place this Saturday at The Alexander Pub in the centre of Harrogate.
Surely the perfect place to find spirits?