Other people’s news - part 2

Last week, this column brought you a fascinating, informative and more-or-less thrilling journey through the world of Twitter, and what happens when you search “Ripon”, “Masham” or Boroughbridge”. It was so much fun we’ve decided to do it again.

This morning a momentary glance over the search results reveals yet more “other people’s news”, if we believe the past really is another country. If not, it’s our news a thousand years late.

The Rev Richard Coles, whose 19,000 Twitter followers dwarf @RiponRover’s 560 to an embarrassing extent, tells us that July 4 is the feast day of Oda the Severe, 23rd Archbishop of Cantebury.

Oda, it turns out, was the kind of 10th century mischief maker who would pinch other people’s relics (rather like this column pinches other people’s news).

And, Riponians, he even had the temerity to pinch our own St Wilfrid’s relics from Ripon itself.

Yes, that’s right, HE STOLE OUR RELICS.

However, he did hold off the rain while Cantebury Cathedral was roofed, so credit where credit’s due.

In Masham and Boroughbridge related news - Masham is still a word in Malaysian, and I’m still not 100 percent sure what it means, and Boroughbridge still only exists in Yorkshire and Jamaica.

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Victoria Prest