Other people’s news

There are a few other Ripons in the world.

There’s a Ripon in California and a Ripon in Wisconsin, – put “Ripon” into a Twitter search box and you’ll soon find that one of them is home to a college and manyAmerican college students who mainly moan about “school”, as students do, and detail their ever glamorous social lives.

And then there’s @Ripon_Weather1, an account based in Ripon, Wisconsin, that exists solely to depress us even further about the torrential rain that counts as “summer” by publishing gloating weather reports for our Americans cousins. We can only be grateful the Californians are not yet in on the game.

Boroughbridge gets a sparser Twitter showing - there’s only one other Boroughbuirdge worldwide, and that’s very small and in Jamaica, so mostly the only Boroughbridge mentioned is our own.

But search “Masham” you’ll get more of a surprise.

Not because there is another Masham in some far flung corner of the globe, but because “masham” means something in another language.

I’m not sure what exactly, but I can guess. The tweet that ran “I need a shower, I smell so masham” gave me an idea.

I don’t think the ahe smelt of sheep or breweries, so can only assume “masham” means something we’d rather it didn’t.

- Victoria Prest

- @victoriaprest