Letter: Ice rink would benefit the local economy

I was pleased to read of the plans to establish the district's first trampoline centre. I wonder if another recreational facility for the enjoyment of residents and visitors might be considered ie an ice rink? Over the Christmas period we were in Northallerton and took our grandchildren to the nearest rink, in Billingham.

Thursday, 11th January 2018, 12:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th January 2018, 12:15 pm

We were surprised at the length of queues to get in and the skating was being enjoyed by a wide range of ages. The nearest ice rink for Harrogate residents is in Bradford, but the rink is in need of considerable investment to bring the facilities up to date.

I feel sure that the introduction of an ice rink to Harrogate would bring real economic and social benefits to the district, especially with the reintroduction of the ‘Dancing on Ice’ television programme which will surely increase demand for this facility from local families.

Penny Hughes


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