One of vintage fashion's biggest names lands for launch in Harrogate

Owner of Space, Steve Elvidge and Clare Quartermaine (House Of Foxy) get ready to welcome the crowds this weekend. Picture: Adrian Murray
Owner of Space, Steve Elvidge and Clare Quartermaine (House Of Foxy) get ready to welcome the crowds this weekend. Picture: Adrian Murray

One of the UK’s biggest manufacturers in reproduced vintage clothes will open their first shop-style space in Harrogate on Saturday (April 8).

Elland-based retailers, House of Foxy, will launch their first ever shop concession within Harorgate vintage store, Space, on The Ginnel.

Until now, the brand which specialises in fashion-wear mimicking styles from the 1920s through to the 1960s has solely traded online and in whole sale.

Clare Quartermaine, from House of Foxy, said: “Space itself is a really fun brain child and House of Foxy is a small business.”

“For us to enter the high street is a massive undertaking.

“We consider ourselves part of the vintage network so hopefully being part of Space will bring people to Space.

“This concept of having concessions is a great way for smaller businesses to operate because we just can’t compete with the big businesses.

“We considered a lot of different areas and Harrogate is a good destination for shoppers - even if you do have to change at Leeds or York - Harrogate has a lot to offer.

“It’s got a lot of restaurants and cafes, it’s a lovely experience and it’s not massively spread out either in terms of getting around.”

The launch party will offer bubbles, nibbles and discounted prices for shoppers who visit on House of Foxy’s opening day.

The launch also promises live music from The Voice contestant, Kiki DeVille, and potentially a dance troop!

With nearly 50,000 followers on Facebook worldwide, the hope is that House of Foxy’s arrival will complement the vintage community in Harrogate.

But with four vintage shops already existing in the town, owner of Space, Steve Elvidge, says Harrogate is becoming something of a destination for vintage shoppers.

He said: “It’s a big deal because they are a big name in the vintage world, so it puts Harrogate on the map.

“It’s of interest nationally so there will be people coming from all over.

“There’s only maybe two or three companies across the UK who do specialise in 1940s and 1950s style clothing, it’s remarkable to be honest.

Harrogate has many well-supported independent small businesses offering a range of different products.

But when it comes to vintage stores, Mr Elvidge said sometimes Harrogate people don’t realise just how lucky they are.

He said: “I don't think a lot of people in Harrogate realise how lucky they are.

“There’s Catherine Smith, Elegant Era, Circa and ourselves, that would be outstanding any town, to have four so close to each other is pretty remarkable.

The “People are starting now to have day trips out to come to Harrogate and just to shop around the vintage shops.

“People outside of Harrogate are catching on but people in Harrogate need to realise what is on their own doorstep.”