One-man campaign against Morrisons

Brian Geraghty protesting outside Morrisons.  (130417M2)
Brian Geraghty protesting outside Morrisons. (130417M2)

A loyal customer of Morrisons in Ripon has staged a one-man campaign against the supermarket, claiming its customer service is “disgusting”.

Former jewellery shop owner Brian Geraghty told the Gazette he was treated “with contempt” by a store manager when he complained about checkout queuing times.

But the supermarket giant has defended its customer service, saying Mr Geraghty has been “confrontational on a number of occasions” and other customers have complained about his behaviour in store.

Mr Geraghty – who said 50 per cent of the tills were unmanned when he was doing his weekly shopping on Tuesday, April 16, and was told by a manager it was “not good business practice” to have senior staff working at the check-out– has vowed to never shop at the store again and withdraw all the shares he has in the company.

Mr Geraghty abandoned his shopping after the showdown with staff on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, April 17 and Friday, April 19, the 72-year-old, who has shopped at the store for 12 year, protested outside the store on Harrogate Road, bearing placards with the slogans, “Queue to pay, dump and away” and “Morrisons treat you with contempt”.

Explaining his decision to protest outside the store, he told the Gazette: “I want people to realise that Morrisons supermarket treats its customers with scorn and contempt.

“They should be queuing to take our money, not the other way round. What has happened to good customer service? There were big long queues and all these people with big baskets full of stuff were waiting and I am astounded that a manager cannot work the tills and help out when it’s busy.”

But Morrisons maintained it does not have any problems with queuing times at the store.

A spokesman said: “While we always try to accommodate the customer, his complaints about queuing time are without foundation. He has been confrontational on a number of occasions to staff and we have received complaints from customers about his behaviour in store. It’s unfortunate that he still feels unhappy and has decided to protest in this way.”