North Yorkshire Police dismisses constable who admitted gross misconduct


North Yorkshire Police has dismissed a constable without notice after the conclusion of a misconduct panel.

PC Christopher Parnell, who spent the majority of his service in Harrogate, admitted he had accessed the police computer system on 30 occasions without an appropriate or proper policing purpose, and that this constituted gross misconduct.

He also admitted that he had failed to declare business interests as he was required to do, and that he had used police email and printing/scanning resources to pursue his business interests, which was misconduct.

Although PC Parnell denied that he had been aggressive, intimidating and confrontational to another person, the misconduct panel decided that this allegation had been proven on the basis of the evidence presented.

An independent chair led the panel.

PC Parnell joined North Yorkshire Police in November 2003, having previously served with another police force.

The majority of his service in North Yorkshire was in the Harrogate Command area, the force said.

Speaking about the decision of the panel, Temporary Chief Constable Lisa Winward said: “The public has a right to expect that police officers demonstrate the highest standards of integrity at work and in their personal lives.

"Instances of gross misconduct are very rare at North Yorkshire Police, but where the allegation is upheld – as it was in this case – it is important that the public can see that the appropriate action has been taken.

"We fully support the decision of the panel and PC Parnell has now left the service.”