New tourism role for Mayor Mike

NASO 1303053AM Mayo Mike Newby (1303053AM)
NASO 1303053AM Mayo Mike Newby (1303053AM)

Mike Newby will start his new role as director of the district’s tourism organisation Visit Harrogate just days after handing over his chains.

After just a few days break, Mike will start his perfect job, promoting the district and attracting more visitors to the area.

He said: “Becoming Director of Visit Harrogate is the perfect role for me as I am passionate about our beautiful district and I am keen to attract more people to enjoy our countryside, towns, accommodation, restaurants, shops and superb attractions.

“We can’t guarantee the weather but we can guarantee visitors amazing experiences and by doing so we keep our district vibrant.”

He added: “Tourism is a key element of our economy and it is essential that it is developed both for business and leisure visitors. I can’t wait to start, in what must be one of the most coveted jobs in the country!”

Visit Harrogate has recently celebrated its first year as the area’s destination management organisation and have distributed 55,000 visitor guides across the country.

Peter McCormick OBE, Chairman of Visit Harrogate says: “We are delighted to have appointed Michael as Director of Visit Harrogate. Michael appreciates the diversity of what we have to offer to the national and international visitor and we saw in him the passion and knowledge about our district.

Our task is to attract visitors to stay and return, and our goal, particularly this summer, is to showcase the region to a global audience. We look forward to working with Michael at this key time.” Mike will join Visit Harrogate on June. 17.