New family-friendly project at Pinewoods in Harrogate

The Harrogate volunteers who give up their time to promote the maintenance and conservation of one of the town's most important woodlands are launching a series of 'magical' walks.

Friday, 13th July 2018, 12:55 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:52 pm
A youngster in Harrogate's Pinewoods with an example of the 'doors'.

Pinewoods Conservation Group have been working with local schools and youth groups at the 96 acres of semi natural woodland located between Harlow Hill and RHS Harlow Carr to create colourful and imaginative 'doors' on two family-friendly routes.

And the public are being given the chance to add their own decorated 'doors' on the routes which are full of Scots pine, birch, holly and oak trees.

The PCG's summer project, which will run until Spetember 16, follows on from the success of the group's recent Pinewoods Rock which saw hundreds of painted rocks being placed in the Pinewoods.

Another example of one of the colourful 'doors'.

The idea of the colourful 'doors' is to create a magical feel in the much-loved Pinewoods, to see the natural wildlife such as birds and bats joined by the public's own artwork of fairies, elves and other mystical creatures.

PCG Chairman Neil Hind said: "We hope people will enjoy and support this event. Encouraging visitors to the Pinewoods is vital for its continued success."

Anyone taking part is warned that any doors felt to be unsuitable or not on the defined route could be removed.

The two walking routes are:Red Route: Approximately 1km and buggy and wheel chair friendly. A circular route from the war memorial to Harlow Moor Road and then back to the war memorial.Blue Route: Approximately 2km with some rougher paths. A circular route from the war memorial to Harlow Moor Road, over the road to Rotary Wood and Irongate Field (perfect for a picnic) before returning to the war memorial.

'Doors' are available for these routes for a small donation to this hard-working charity at the following cafes and pubs near the Pinewoods.

Costa Coffee on Cardale Park, off Otley Road. (back of the Pine Marten). Open 7.30am to 4pm Mon to Fri.The Shepherds Dog, on Otley Road Harlow Hill. Open 12pm to 12am.The Little Ale House, 7 Cheltenham Crescent. Open 2pm to 9pm, Mon to Fri, Sat 12pm to 10pm and Sun 1pm to 7pm.

Note: Please have change where possible - £2 per door is suggestedAll doors will be removed at the end of the project.

Path repairs are also set to start at the Pinewoods in the second week of August, including the main path from the War Memorial to Harlow Moor Road which continues to RHS Harlow Carr. The plan is to clear and patch with aggregate in a number of sections which means the path may need to be closed for a few days.