Mystery solved: Why the Stray lights came on late

Lights on the Stray in Harrogate.
Lights on the Stray in Harrogate.

The temporary lack of lights in the trees around the Stray has set the grumbles going among Harrogate Advertiser readers - but there is now a solution to the mystery, well, sort of.

Normally, the dazzling twinkly coloured lights come on after the clocks change at the end of October, adding real sparkle and charm throughout the winter months in the centre of Harrogate.

But the Harrogate Advertiser received a few comments at the end of last week from readers saying the lights weren't on this year.

Some readers suggested that responsibility for putting the lights on now falls to North Yorkshire County Council, not Harrogate Borough Council.
It matters not merely in terms of how the town looks but in terms of the legacy lights which people sponsor in memory of loved ones.

One reader Eric Wright told us he twice took a visitor to see them after praising the attraction, which, he said, led to "total embarrassment" both times.
But another reader got in touch who made have a possible answer to the mystery.
Katie Roberts-Macrae posted on the Harrogate Advertiser's Facebook page: "I heard that it was because there were too many leaves still on the trees and that it was taking longer to check all the bulbs."

Whatever the cause of the situation may be, the Harrogate Advertiser didn't get enough time to shed light on it properly for a simple reason.
But before we could delve any further, the lights did, in fact, come back on!
Which is a great relief to everyone...

As for the cause of the delay, a spokesperson for Harrogate Borough Council offered the following reason: “It was a technical issue and it was resolved as soon as possible.”