Morrisons renew bid to extend delivery hours to Wetherby store

A  lorry arrives for loading at Morrison's distribution centre. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.
A lorry arrives for loading at Morrison's distribution centre. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

The Morrisons store in Wetherby is planning to extend the delivery hours of its lorries, submitting a new application days after withdrawing their initial plan.

The supermarket chain withdrew its application to extend delivery to the site in the Horsefair Centre from 4am to 11pm Monday to Saturday – adding three hours to current operational guidelines – on June 27 after feedback from Leeds City Council (LCC) and neighbouring residents.

A Morrisons spokesman then said time would be taken to consider comments before any revisions were made.

However, ten days later, on July 7, another application was put before LCC, causing concern among residents who objected to the first proposal.

The application was altered to include a smaller extension of the delivery hours, currently 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 7am to 4pm on Sunday, extending them by an extra hour in the evenings from Monday to Saturday (to 11pm) and maintaining the same delivery hours on Sundays.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “As a result of feedback from the council and residents we have amended our delivery times application for the Wetherby store.

“The times have now been reduced from an additional three hours to an extra hour Monday to Saturday. Our Sunday delivery slot will remain the same.

“We are confident that this revision will address the concerns raised and will continue to work with the council on this application.”

Objection comments and letters are being submitted by residents of neighbouring Victoria Court, principally drawing attention to the noise already caused by lorries delivering to the store.

Dorothy Ternent, who is chairman of the Victoria Court residents committee, said: “To allow deliveries until 11pm is unfair to the local residents.

“Wetherby is a small town, not a big city or industrial estate, and while it is accepted that we will have a certain amount of noise during the day, to allow deliveries at the extended hours is unacceptable.

“I also feel that giving Morrisons extended delivery times would give them carte blanche to deliver whenever they like, as they often do.”

Ms Ternent also said that on Sunday, July 13, the gate for the first lorry opened at 6.28am and another lorry arrived at 5.25pm, leaving at 6.10pm – more than two hours after the approved time.

Wetherby Mayor Harry Chapman, who objected to the initial proposal, said the town council rejected the application at a recent planning meeting.

The town council’s recommendation will now go before LCC, which will make the final decision.

He said: “In my opinion they haven’t taken the time to reflect on any concerns.

“Any extension of hours as far as I am concerned is going to be problematic. The hours they have got are already causing trouble.”