MEP visits school's wildlife garden

PUPILS at New Park School showed off their gardening skills when an MEP came to visit their wildlife project.

Diana Wallis, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, visited the Secret Railway Garden to see the wild flowers and bird boxes around the garden, close to the old railway line.

Commemorating the first train to use the track under Knox Hill, there is also a half-scale model of Barber made from steel and car hubs.

The garden was created with support from parent Jill Clarke, teacher Val Gowland-Jones and Bilton Conservation Group.

Diana Wallis, voted the greenest MEP in the region by Friends of the Earth and a keen environmentalist, also visited the school's heritage centre and took the chance to chat to the children.

She said " I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and the knowledge that the youngsters have on the environment."