Mayor Pauline McHardy’s diary

The Mayor at Ripon City Golf Club's 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner with Gil and Vicky Huckley who were visiting with the annual exchange from Ripon, California.
The Mayor at Ripon City Golf Club's 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner with Gil and Vicky Huckley who were visiting with the annual exchange from Ripon, California.

Councillors and myself attended the Leper Chapel in Ripon for their annual Civic Service on July 16.

This was a wonderful service which the whole congregation enjoyed, The congregation were greeted by the Revd. Kenneth Crossley and Revd. Jackie Fox. The Leper Chapel is another of Ripon’s treasures dating back to the 12th century. It is a listed building and still is used every Sunday morning at 10am for a Eucharist service. The Chapel is also used for a variety of other events and is regularly open to visitors. If you have never been into the Leper Chapel I urge you to do so, you will find the building and its history very

interesting indeed. If you would like further details telephone 01765 603698 or email

That same afternoon I attended the Grammar School where a tea party was held to mark the retirement of Mr Martin Pearman, the Head Master. The weather had not been good in the morning but changed to a beautiful sunny afternoon, which helped to make this event such a wonderful occasion. Mr Pearman was totally taken by surprise when, accompanied by Cllr Chambers and Cllr Stanley, I presented him with The Citizenship Award from Ripon City Council. Mr Pearman has achieved a great many things for the Grammar School and its students in his 13 years as the Head. I have spoken to many students past and present and they all hold Mr Pearman in great esteem. An ex student who was already at the school when Mr Pearman took over as Head said “ Mr Pearman reinvented the Grammar School” I think that says it all. I am sure we all wish him well in his retirement. Thank you Mr Pearman.

The Deputy Mayor Cllr Charlie Powell and I attended the opening of the old Masters Quarters at the Workhouse Museum on July 18. We had a preview of these quarters only a few weeks ago when they had only just taken it over from North Yorkshire County Council. My goodness, Charlie and I were amazed at all the work that had been done in preparation for its opening. The staff and volunteers have worked extremely hard to achieve this outcome and standard. Work will be on going for some time in this wing, and they will discover more of its secrets and show all who visit the museum, just how hard life was for people who were

unfortunate enough to live there in the days of the workhouse. It is hard to believe it was a crime to be poor. I look forward to seeing the launch of the next phase.

I attended the Cathedral for the “Raise Your Hats” exhibition on July 21. Peri Langdale has worked very hard on this project for two years that I know of. The objective is to recognise and thank all the women for the work they did during World War 2. People are invited to write a letter and pin it on to the display board in the Cathedral to thank a female relative, friend or some one they know who made a contribution to the war effort. The letters already on disp lay are very interesting to read. If you don’t have a letter, feel free to go into the Cathedral and read the ones on display. It is sad that it is only a few years ago that women received their medals in recognition of their efforts and contribution to the country, and some would have already died prior to the awards.

That same evening, Charlie and I attended a delightful evening at the Golf Club. We were warmly welcomed by Jackie Allinson. 40 years ago when John Richmond was Mayor, a link was formed with Ripon California. Since then every year golfers from Ripon and America have alternated the country where a golf tournament takes place. They stay at each others homes and have forged great friendships. I have to say the friendliness and comradeship of these groups of golfers is amazing. It was a marvellous atmosphere and the American guests I spoke to love our wonderful City of Ripon and think we are very lucky to live here. I had the

pleasure of sitting with Vicky and Gil Huckley from America, and I have to say they were adorable people. Thank you for inviting us it was a superb evening.