Linton neighbourhood plan reaches crucial stage

Linton Village Hall. Picture: Gary Longbottom.
Linton Village Hall. Picture: Gary Longbottom.

The neighbourhood plan for Linton has reached a critical stage and is nearing its completion as Leeds City Council (LCC) send their comments back to the parish council.

Collingham with Linton Parish Council now has the opportunity to make any changes to the draft plan, which was submitted to LCC in July, before sending it for formal independent examination.

The first neighbourhood plan in the district to be finalised, the Linton neighbourhood plan steering group started work on it in May 2012.

Though it took some time to complete the full draft ,which went before councillors at LCC at the end of July, the plan may prove crucial to the village, playing a large part in planning in the future.

Steering group chair Jill Bolton explained the reasoning behind the plan.

“The problem with Linton is that we have a lot of highways issues with very narrow streets and junctions issues, so the village cannot take high density housing,” she said.

“There was a considerable concern in Linton as in other communities that houses were going to be built in areas the perhaps the community felt were not suitable and that another site might be more suitable, so this process has allowed us to address that.

“It is about trying to protect the village from development in areas that we feel would be damaging to the village long term.”

Before the plan was submitted to LCC it was scrutinised by the public in a presubmission consultation.

The comments from councillors during the council scrutiny period, including Harewood ward representatives Rachael Procter, Matthew Robinson, and Anne Castle, were positive and said it conforms with national and local guidance policies.

Councillors also commended the parish council for its hard work on an important document for the future of the village’s development.

After it is given the once over by an independent inspector, the neighbourhood plan will go to a referendum, in the village and after that, if passed, it will form part of the local development plan in force at LCC.

Jill said: “LCC will then have to take note of that document when looking at housing plans for the village and that will give us protection, but that point may be quite far away.”

There are also neighbourhood plans in several other parts of the district currently undergoing work, including Wetherby and Boston Spa.

View the plan online att: http://democracy,leeds,