Letter: Walled garden - Researching history of site

Ripon Walled Garden
Ripon Walled Garden

We are hoping that your readers may be able to help us to research the history of our Walled Garden in Ripon which was previously part of the Bishop’s Palace garden.

The Walled Garden is part of Ripon Community Link and is a social enterprise supporting people with a learning disability and mental health problems to develop their horticultural and catering skills.

We are currently in the process of developing the Walled Garden, which we know is steeped in history including links to Lewis Carroll. 

We also know that many people over the years worked or had links to the Walled Garden, which is in Palace Road in Ripon. 

If your readers have any stories, photographs or family knowledge of the Walled Garden and would be willing to share these with us, we would love to hear from them.

Readers can get in touch with us via email admin@riponwalledgarden.org or write to us at Ripon Walled Garden, Palace Road, Ripon HG4 3HN.

The Ripon Walled Garden Team