Letter: Resurfacing - Let’s keep it traffic free!

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Well, hasn’t it been wonderful?

At last, for many days now, we have been able to walk freely around almost half of Ripon’s fine Market Square from Yorkshire Trading to the Yorkshire Bank and to cross anywhere without waiting for traffic lights.

Shoppers and visitors, for the past few weeks, have even been able to wander in safety down Kirkgate almost to the cathedral and with no cars, vans and busses chasing down Duck Hill - What a treat!

Everyone who cares about Ripon should now be pleading with our civic society and city councillors to say ‘No, no, no’ to the powers that be ever reopening the newly cobbled Queen Street to through traffic.

To our shame, Ripon is the only city in Yorkshire to have failed to start separating people from traffic in the centre.

Shoppers and vehicles simply can’t mix safely. It is not only dangerous but is very unhealthy.

Leeds has led the way and done it with great commercial success.

Come on Ripon. It is time we did the same – let’s keep it like this for ever - and soon let’s add the other two sides of our marvellous square as well.

It is certainly possible and Ripon would be then transformed into a pedestrian’s paradise that will bring in many more shoppers and tourists and be the great little city that we can all be even more proud of.

Let Ripon prosper.

John Rimmer