Letter: Rail links - Investment too far in the future

Ripon people will have to wait to see their railway re-open
Ripon people will have to wait to see their railway re-open

It was fantastic to read that North Yorkshire County Council long term plans now include the idea of opening a new Ripon station as part of a new railway from Leeds to Harrogate.

This would be a highly sensible investment which would be a really practical and sustainable way of boosting the local economy.

Unfortunately it is most unlikely to happen. There is much talk of a northern powerhouse but very little money.

At the moment London is seeing the completion of a cross-rail project originally projected to cost £15,900,000,000.

Yorkshire rail users are, by comparison, being served by trains that are 26.3 years old - provided of course that they are fortunate enough to have a station in the first place. The imbalance is extreme.

George Osborne is talking a lot about the importance of putting major investment behind a coherently organised transport system for the north.

But that’s the problem. There is a lot of talk, promises for the distant future but very little money.

What we are getting right now is an insistence that we elect a few mayors and cuts to local authority budgets which are even sharper in the north than down south.

It is not immediately obvious how this matches up to the seriousness of our local need for proper infrastructure investment.

We need investment in our neglected local areas now, not yet another top down local government re-organisation to disguise the fact that we are not getting our fair share of the money and what we are getting is being cut drastically.

Andy Brown

Main Street,