Letter: Politics - More open debate is required

Ripon from the air
Ripon from the air

Harrogate District Becoming Part Of Leeds City Region.

During the past week I have been approached by several people, all asking the same question. What is happening? What is this all about?

Apparently on November 5, Harrogate District Councillors are to have a free vote to decide whether Harrogate District should become part of Leeds City Region but no one knows why.

Surely, in a democratic society there should be public meetings to explain the details of such an important move and a decision made by the residents of the whole district and not by a council of sixty members of which forty-eight per cent represent Harrogate.

When I was on Harrogate District Council there was a board outside the council chamber with just three words on it. Honesty, Openness, Transparency. Could we have more of this put into practise please.

Proposed housing developments to the south of Ripon.

Last week’s Gazette carried a front page article about Paul Sykes adding his considerable influence to the opposition to 450 dwellings being built to the south of Ripon on land bordered by Whitcliffe Lane and West Lane.

He concentrated his opposition on the Studley and Fountains area to which he could perhaps add two more areas.

To the east of the proposed site is Quarry Moor which is a Site Of Special Scientific Interest, whilst to the south is the site of the medieval village of Aismunderby.

David Parnaby