Letter: New pool - Facility is sorely needed in city

Ripon Spa Baths
Ripon Spa Baths

Your article on the Gazette’s front page 15/10/15: A new pool for Ripon at last?

Really, or is it just the dust blown off the one that the Harrogate borough councillors in 2007 tried to ‘gift’ to the city with the support of the then Mayor and his independent party?

Ripon City Council at an Extraordinary Meeting on January 7, 2008, voted in favour of a new pool but a location was not decided upon, as the minutes will show.

That ill thought out and hurriedly proposed scheme was halted, by a petition of over 3,000 signatories in 2008.

Because of this, Harrogate Borough Council, “were unable to gain full support” and it was dropped.

Yet again, they want to build on one of the few remaining soccer pitches in the city and combine the pool with the leisure centre.

It is a carbon copy of the building of the Hydro in Harrogate, with the loss of the green grass facilities and all that entails.

Having been working on this since 2006, both as a councillor and later with like-minded people, who actually swim in the Spa Baths, I am delighted that the baton has been taken up once more.

I would just ask those who are considering this essential step for the community of Ripon that they take the time to approach and seek the opinions of those who actually use the facilities.

Not in a ‘consultation’ taking place when most people are at work, as before, but in a neutral, non-political venue in order that the topic does not become the political football it is has become for the last, nearly, decade.

Good luck with the project; by all interested parties working together, Harrogate Borough Council and the Community of Ripon can achieve a facility that is sorely needed in this tourist city.

Kenn Hart

Chairman, Ripon City 
Swimming Club