Letter: New pool - Constructive debate is needed

Ripon Spa Baths
Ripon Spa Baths

Once again Harrogate District Council is trying to inflict a second rate facility on the citizens of Ripon and deprive the children of the most densely populated part of the city of a popular and well used playing field.

I do not intend to go into any detail now, but I have copies of every relevant document that was generated when this was first proposed in 2007.

Let me just relate how that attempt to build a swimming pool on Camp Close ground to a halt.

Early in 2008 there was a proposal to build a Skate Park for the children of Harrogate and the council wanted to build it near Stonefall Cemetery.

There were lots of objections from the electorate so a public meeting was held at Harrogate Town Football Club.

Several potential sites were suggested and it was decided that a referendum be held and the public could vote for their choice of site.

The result was that the Skate Board Park was built in the Valley Gardens.

Using that as an example I requested an Extraordinary Meeting Of Harrogate District Council where I proposed that the electorate of the City Of Ripon be allowed to vote on whether they supported the proposal that a new swimming pool be built on Camp Close or not. The subject died.

No doubt this will run for quite a while as will the subject of, “What will happen to the existing Spa Baths?”.

Let us have some constructive debate.

David Parnaby