Letter: Highways - Resurfacing cost revealed

Ripon Market Place.
Ripon Market Place.

Further to my letter in the Ripon Gazette of September 24, I have now obtained further information from NYCC, under the Freedom of Information Act, about the cost of the resurfacing of the Ripon Market Place East Road (Queen Street) with block paving - which is still in progress.

Until this work is completed, NYCC are unable to confirm the final cost but they have advised that their works budget is £160,000.

Also, NYCC have advised that the final cost of resurfacing with block paving of the roadways around the market square and Kirkgate in April 2011, including fees, was £192,819.62.

The total cost of all the resurfacing with block paving of the roadways undertaken and in progress around the market square and Kirkgate amounts to almost £764,000.

This figure allows for the grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the original works and the cost borne by the designers for subsequent resurfacing found necessary.

It also includes final cost for the further resurfacing in April 2011 and the £160,000 budget cost for the work currently in progress.

As expressed in my previous letters to the Ripon Gazette, as a chartered engineer I very much doubt if block paving will ever be suitable for the heavily trafficked roadways.

If asphalt resurfacing had been undertaken originally it would probably still be intact and the long periods of traffic disruption, impact on taxi services and shopping etc would have been avoided.

Peter Buckley

Penny Lane,