Letter: Development - Confusion over community group

Ripon Market Place.
Ripon Market Place.

There seems to have been some misunderstanding or confusion as expressed in local social media, including in the Facebook group ‘Blow Your Horn Ripon’, about a community interest company (CIC) for Ripon.

Please allow me to clarify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the only such Ripon community interest company currently officially registered at Companies House is City of Ripon Trust–after having been thoroughly validated by the specialist CIC registration department of Companies House before registration as ‘City of Ripon Trust – Community Interest Company’.

As for a suggested ‘Ripon CIC’ as apparently proposed via the current ‘Ripon City Development Manager’ Alan Weston towards the end of his three year contract, such a proposition may have been influenced by ideas set out in our City of Ripon Trust survey leaflet, which we first delivered to Ripon councillors in March 2015. Hence, perhaps, some confusing similarities may have arisen.

However, the genuine City of Ripon Trust is entirely non-political and structured so as to be subject to no policy control by councillors or councils.

Jeremy Barnyard’s letter last week, asserted that Mr Weston’s suggested ‘Ripon CIC’ may be simply another possible manifestation of a councillor controlled ‘GRIP’ (which itself had apparently been Ripon City Partnership simply trading as ‘GRIP’).

Such assertion may well have some substance, but, if Ripon City Partnership is now to be wound up, then we may hope that any residual financial assets may then be transferred to City of Ripon Trust Community Interest Company for the benefit of Ripon.

Stanley Mackintosh

Principal, City of Ripon Trust Community Interest Company