Letter: Barracks plan - New road idea is a non-starter

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I must express my total agreement with the majority of the comments Mike Pallott made in last week’s letter regarding the problems which will be created if Claro and Deverell Barracks are sold as housing sites.

He is totally correct when he states that Ripon’s infrastructure and services, which have not changed a lot since I was at school in the 1940s when the population was less than ten thousand, cannot cope now.

There is just one point in his letter which would provide an ideal solution to some of Ripon’s traffic problems, which I do not think is possible e.g. a new road from the present Barracks, across the Laver and the Skell and joining the A61 beyond the Daffodil Bends.

I believe that there is a protection order on the land between the Pateley Bridge road and Hell Wath, Quarry Moor is a nature reserve and a Site Of Special Scientific Interest and then just beyond the Daffodil Bends there is the site of the ancient settlement Of Aismunderby. Some or all of which would be in the path of the proposed road.

Another possible solution which has been discussed many times is the development of a road from Kirkby Road to Palace Road and then from near the golf club down to the River Ure and along the river bank to North Bridge,

The recent floods have demonstrated quite clearly why this is a non-starter.

David Parnaby