Letter: A1 debate - Too confusing to change the name

All drivers know  that the M1 ends at Leeds says letter writer Joan Procter
All drivers know that the M1 ends at Leeds says letter writer Joan Procter

There are three articles in your latest edition that I feel prompted to comment upon;

1) Who in their right mind would think that changing a motorway number would attract more people to a particular town?

The A1 and M1 run north from London. All drivers know this and most know that the M1 ends at Leeds and the A1 ends at Edinburgh and they are in slightly different bits of the country.

How complicated would it be if you start at the A1, then once in North Yorkshire it becomes the M1 and the A1 is finished, only for it to start again after Newcastle upon Tyne?

We want continuous roads leading to where we understand them to go, not broken up and renamed for dozens of miles.

Each one is fine in its own place. If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it.

2) Isn’t it funny how people in Bedale, for years, wanted a by-pass. Now it’s happening, suddenly they want people to go to Bedale and are even encouraging some artwork to be made to attract visitors.

Maybe they should have Homer Simpson going ‘Doh!’ erected.

It’s not only lorries that will appreciate the by-pass, the nice new straight road will encourage car drivers to use it too. They should have thought of that.

For many years along the A66 we read that Temple Newsam needed a by-pass. They got one.

Now there are signs along the new by-pass saying we should visit Temple Newsam for the pubs, cafes, garage and shops. Mind you, they haven’t had any sculpture put up, so I’m not really enticed to go there.

3) We see all the signs for penalties to be served upon people who do not clean up after their dogs foul in public places.

I have never, ever, seen any newspaper articles regarding anyone actually being fined.

If we saw that maximum fines have been imposed upon offenders, maybe the irresponsible dog owners might just worry about being caught and pick it up.

Joan Procter