Knaresborough's chamber of trade is saved by community

Outgoing president Maurice Bardon and current vice president Steve Teggin of the Knaresborough Chamber of Trade
Outgoing president Maurice Bardon and current vice president Steve Teggin of the Knaresborough Chamber of Trade

Following a front page call by the Knaresborough Post, the community has come out in force to support the town's chamber of trade.

The chamber faced being shut down completely as it suffered a dwindling committee and lack of support against strict constitutional guidelines.

The front page of the Knaresborough Post 04/02/16

The front page of the Knaresborough Post 04/02/16

Desperate for more active committee members the chamber called on the help of the Knaresborough Post to launch an appeal for more support from the community.

As a result of that call, Vice President of the chamber, Steve Teggin is positive that the situation has been turned around.

Mr Teggin said: "What is really interesting is that we have people who aren't traders coming to the meeting who just want to help. They are interested in the development of Knaresborough and the public who use the town centre.

"They want to see if they can help in any way, the community support of Knaresborough is unbelievable. It's really revealing that even the public want to guard the service that they have got."

Mr Teggin also said about half a dozen town traders have also made a commitment to help support the chamber, some claiming they didn't realise the chamber was in crisis.

Now both interested members of the public and supportive shopkeepers will be attending the chamber's annual general meeting on March 15.

Steve said: "Four or five people are coming down to the meeting, we are arranging the facility down at The Dower House to hold about 40 people

"I think it would have been a real problem to get the eight people needed as far the constitution was concerned and I think it would have folded definitely, I'm very optimistic now."

Now the chamber is set to recruit the eight active members it needs and the only thing left to do is to recruit a new President.

After current President, Maurice Bardon, announced he would be stepping down from the role, Steve vowed he would stand for the position if the chamber could get more support.

But while Mr Teggin is committed to his promise, he was keen not to discourage others from also standing for the position, should they want to.

He said: "My time can be taken up doing various other things if I don't take up that position I can be busy doing other things that other people wouldn't like to do. People are more than welcome to stand for the position."

If you are interested in supporting the Knaresborough chamber of trade or standing to be its president contact Steve Teggin on 01423 862233 or email: