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The meeting was attended by all councillors except Coun Gerry Mass and by four members of the public.

Planning – The council had no objections to an amended application for an extension at South Park, Galphay Road, Kirkby Malzeard. An application for conversion of an agricultural building at Grey Green, Dallowgill to flexible use, considered earlier in the month, was neither supported nor objected to, but the planning department was asked to obtain more detailed information on usage and whether this would result in increased traffic use. The council had no further comments to make in respect of an application for a detached cottage at Ivy Cottage, Kirkby Malzeard which has now gone to appeal.

Village sign – A tender for work to construct a structure for a ‘village welcome’ sign at the eastern end of Kirkby Malzeard has been received from Sam Hessleden , together with a quote for the sign itself from Greens of Ripon. The total cost of approx. £2500 was considered acceptable by the councillors subject to confirmation as to the extent of contributions being made by other groups including the Jubilee committee and CPRE.

Parking near playing fields – Coun John Peacock reported that problems were being caused to people bringing children to the Saturday morning football training by local residents placing bollards outside their houses. This made parking very difficult and it was agreed that this was unacceptable and is to be reported to the Highways department, together with photographic evidence, so that the situation can be resolved.

Recycling collections – various residents have encountered problems in having kerbside collection of recycled materials carried out by Harrogate Council and Coun Mike Hurford reported similar problems on the Back Lanes in Kirkby Malzeard. Coun Geoff Lobley also reported that the operatives were refusing to make any collections directly from six properties at Carlsmoor. The matter was referred to District Coun Margaret Atkinson, who was present at the meeting, and Coun. Hurford will also discuss the matter with the council waste services manager.

Building waste disposal – it was reported that North Yorkshire council are proposing to make a charge in the future for disposal of such materials at their recycling sites. Coun Sue Tyreman pointed out that this would only increase fly tipping and that the cost of dealing with this may outweigh any income produced.

Faster rural broadband – it was brought to the attention of the council that whilst neighbouring villages such as Grewelthorpe and Sawley are scheduled to receive ‘superfast’ broadband in the near future the provision in Kirkby Malzeard is in parts to be delayed or is not scheduled at all. The clerk was asked to contact BT Openreach to ask for clarification and any concerned members of the public were encouraged to register their interest in the service being upgraded via the superfastnorthyorkshire website.

Highways matters – Coun Lobley asked that a comprehensive list setting out the items which have not yet been attended to by the highways department be made available by the clerk at the next meeting. He was concerned about the number of missing or damaged road signs particularly near road junctions.

Next meeting- This will be held on November 25 at 7.15pm in the mechanics institute, Kirkby Malzeard.