Jack Black comedy and new crime thriller

Showing from today, Friday

Harrogate Odeon

Tel 0871 2244007


Be Kind Rewind (12a)

wheelchair access

Offbeat comedy from Michel ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ Gondry sees loser Jack Black accidentally erase all the video tapes in a New Jersey video store run by Mos Def after he becomes magnetized. To keep their jobs, the pair film their own versions of famous films such as The Lion King, Rush Hour, Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy, and Robocop. Yes, reportedly it is THAT silly!


The Bank Job (15)

Showing Thursday afternoon/evening only

wheelchair access

Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Peter Bowles, David Suchet and Keeley Hawes (pictured) star in a superior crime thriller based on one of the UK's biggest and most mysterious robberies in London in 1971.

The Bucket List (12a)

Showing evenings only

wheelchair access

Fun comedy from director Rob ‘Spinal Tap/Sleepless in Seattle‘ Reiner with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as two old men with terminal cancer who decide to do all the things they always wanted to do but never dared do.

NEW! Directors Chair (showing Tuesday at 8.40pm only)

Interview (15)

Interesting psychological drama directed by, and starring, indie film favouriteSteve Buscemi as a journalist locked in a battle of wits in a hotel room with the actress he’s interviewing, played by Sienna Miller.

Senior Screen (showing Tuesday at 10.30am only)

Rendition (15)

wheelchair access

Critically-acclaimed thriller starring Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal and Alan Arkin about an ordinary couple caught up in the CIA's controversial tactic of extraordinary rendition as part of the 'war on terror' (that's arrest and secret transportation without trial to you and me).

Juno (12A)

wheelchair access

Ultra-sharp indie comedy-drama starring Oscar-nominated Ellen Page as a pregnant high school student. Good acting all round.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (PG)

New instalment of this Tomb Raider-style, action-adventure film starring Nicolas Cage as the treasure hunter with support from Helen Mirren, Jon Voight, Ed Harris and Harvey Keitel.

Jumper (12a)

Bourne Identity director Doug Liman is at the helm in this sci-fi yarn about a war between teleporters and the ruthless, secretive Paladins. Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell and Samuel L Jackson star.

St Trinians (12a)

ShowingSat/Sun lunchtime only

Stockings, hockey sticks and laughs.

The Water Horse (PG)

Showing mornings & afternoons only

Magical family adventure that reveals how the Loch Ness monster came into being.

Alvin And The Chipmunks (U)

Showing Sat/Sun mornings & early afternoons only

wheelchair access

Odeon Kids (Sat-Sun only at 11.10am)

Stardust (PG)

wheelchair access

An all-star cast including Daniel Craig for this family adventure about a young man who ventures into a fantasy world.

Newbies (Tues only at 10.45am)

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (PG)

Newbies (Tues only at 10.40am)

Juno (12A)

wheelchair access

Newbies (Tues only at 10.40am)

The Bucket List (12a)

wheelchair access

Wetherby Film Theatre

Tel 01937 580544

No Country For Old Men (15)

Showing Friday to Thursday at 7.30 pm plus 2.30 matinee Monday (also Monday evening at 7.30)

Oscar-nominated crime thriller from the brilliant Coen Brothers. Set in 1980s Texas and starring Javier Bardem as the scariest killer you’d ever hope (not) to come across and Tommy Lee Jones as a world-weary sheriff, it’s a dark story but not without humour.

The Ritz Cinema, Thirsk

Tel 01845 5247511

Charlie Wilson’s War (15)

Evening performances start at 7:30 Matinees start at 2:30m, check with box office before visiting

Oscar-winning director Mike Nichol’s fun-filled frothy satire stars Tom Hanks as a womanising Texas congressman who secretly, and illegally, supplies military support to the Afghan Mujahideen fighting the Soviet occupation in the 1980s.