IMAGES: Wetherby wall collapses as floods hit district

Wetherby floods
Wetherby floods

The Mayor of Wetherby has said the Boxing Day flood was the worst he has ever known in the town as the weight of the water took down a wall.

The wall along Boston Road opposite the town police station had stood strong for hundreds of years.

Wetherby floods.

Wetherby floods.

But when the district saw a month's worth of rain in one day, the ground behind the retaining wall became so saturated that the structure crumbled into the road, .

Mr Chapman said: "The main thing about Wetherby and flooding is that it has its own floodplain and it does very well usually, the town never gets damaged.

"There is rarely a few years that go by without the river overflowing but this year is certainly worse than we have ever seen it.

"This time the playing fields have been damaged and the car park got covered but when the water goes back it just needs cleaning out.

"The tennis club has also been damaged - its worse this year than I have ever known."

Mr Chapman said people in the town will be disappointed that the wall has come crashing down.

He said: "Its been a very difficult one, it blocked the road for several hours.

"People will be disappointed. It is causing chaos in terms of traffic, the main road in Wetherby is only open on one lane but when that will get sorted out I don't know."

But the prospect of when the road will be back to normal isn't the only concern for people in the community.

Mr Chapman said: "It's going to cost a lot of money and the next problem will be whose responsibility it is to sort it out and who will take care of the costs of it."