HGVs causing a problem on Wetherby street

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‘Noise’ and ‘nuisance’ from lorries is causing disruption and preventing people from sleeping, according to a Wetherby resident.

Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) are prevented from driving through certain parts of the town, however there are several trucks regularly parking on the A168, near Sandbeck Lane, and this is creating a problem for residents.

Following complaints the length of the A168 between the Boston Road and Deighton Road was designated a 24-hour clearway last year, making parking illegal. But a resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said the problem has not gone away.

“It is bad for residents and dangerous to have trucks parking there,” he said.

“It is keeping me up at night. It is causing a noise nuisance because some of the trucks are refrigerated and they have motors running all night. I am so frustrated.

“The police said the council would sort it out and do something, but they haven’t.

“One night last week there were 13 trucks in a long line and they are parking there for free. Your whole house vibrates and you can’t sleep through things like that.”

The clearway is tied to a ban on HGVs on Deighton Road put in place in summer 2014, and trucks parked at the top of Sandbeck Lane would break the law if they either leave or enter it via Deighton Road.

Inspector Paul Dwyer, who heads the Outer North East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “HGV parking on the A168 has been raised by residents and local councillors. I appreciate that this is an issue which is blighting the lives of some local residents.

“Enforcement of parking laws is one of the tactics which has been explored. However results have indicated that longer term solutions will be needed and police are working with local authority partners and elected representatives to address the situation.”

A Leeds City Council spokesman said: “We have worked with the police to enforce the clearway, and have already removed a short section of the old hard shoulder near the river bridge to prevent parking.

“We are currently considering all possible available options for resolving further anti-social problems.”