Kitten’s cries save him from bottle bank

Nine-week-old Archer Andrew McCaren/
Nine-week-old Archer Andrew McCaren/

An eight week old kitten’s life was saved by his loud cry after he was cruelly dumped in a Harrogate bottle bank.

Little Archer’s cries were heard by a passer-by who called the RSPCA to rescue the kitten from the bottle bin.

NADV 1406237AM Kittens.(1406237AM)

NADV 1406237AM Kittens.(1406237AM)

“Thank God he has got such a loud voice for a little thing,” said Nicola Outhwaite, branch manager of RSPCA Harrogate. “It most certainly saved his life.”

RSPCA Harrogate have been rushed off their feet in recent weeks, and Nicola has had to find foster homes for nine kittens.

“It is kitten season and it has just been mad, we have been so busy,” Nicola said.

“The RSPCA cattery is full and new born kittens need lots of love and attention and cuddles, so it has been great to get them fostered.”

Little Archer has been fostered alongside two other kittens, Rose and Jack, who were abandoned in a garden.

Nicola said: “Rose and Jack might be brother and sister, even though they don’t look alike, but we will probably never now.

“They are all coming out of their shell and getting used to people so will make great pets.”

Because of where Archer was found, the trio have been named after drinks by staff at Vets4Pets who checked them over.

The kittens are currently being fostered by Alex Lee and her husband Dave.

She said: “Archer is quite boisterous and loud.

“As an animal lover it breaks my heart to think they were just thrown out.

“I am so pleased we did it, I didn’t even know fostering was an option until I saw the post on Facebook.”

The kittens are now all nine weeks old and will soon be ready to go to permanent homes.

Alex, who has two cats of her own, Belle and Charlie, said: “I have been spending so much time cuddling them, I will be sad to see them go to new homes.”

Recently Nicola used the Facebook page to try and find a new home for cats, Kate and William, reunited Bramble the bunny with its owner and even tracked down a ferret which was spotted on the side of the road.

RSPCA Harrogate are appealing for any volunteers willing to adopt or foster cats, or carry out any fundraising work.

Call the branch on 07817344139.