Harrogate's MEP results: Did Brexiteers win hands-down?

Were results from the European Parliament elections in Harrogate and Yorkshire as clear cut as the reports of a Brexit Party victory suggested?

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 11:07 am
Victory - Harrogate's new Brexit Party MEPJohn Longworth, middle, with fellow Brexit Party MEPs Lucy Harris and Jake Pugh.

The Brexit Party did prove the most successful party in Yorkshire and the Humber resulting in a Harrogate man becoming an MEP.

The Brexit Party registered 470,351 votes across the region, the closest contender being the Labour Party with 210,516.

European elections: What the Brexit Party saidHarrogate’s John Longworth, who was the Brexit Party’s lead candidate in the region and now MEP, said the result shows “the good people” of the region have used “their usual common sense.”The Harrogate man said: “They have sent a clear message to Westminster about the way Britain is being handled and also, therefore, a message about the way we run democracy."They’re saying ‘democracy in Britain is broken’.”

European elections: How Harrogate actually voted

As a council area, Harrogate voted as follows: Brexit Party first, Greens second, Conservatives third.

European elections: The Yorkshire result

Three Brexit Party candidates have been elected, along with three not in favour of Brexit - one Labour MEP, one Lib Dem and one Green Party member.

In a historic result, The Greens secured 12.9% in Yorkshire and Humber resulting in Magid Magid, the young Muslim mayor of Sheffield who spoke in Harrogate before the election, being elected.

European elections: Did Brexiteers win nationally or not?

In the last European elections in 2014, nationally, UKIP won 27% of the popular vote.

In 2019 the Brexit Party won 31.6% of the popular vote.

In terms of in terms of pro and anti Brexit parties, analysis by Business Insider (according to Pro-Remain campaign group North Yorkshire for Europe) showed the UK vote this times went to parties in favour of Remain 55.3% versus Leave 44.7%.

European elections: Turnout in Yorkshire and Harrogate

Turnout across the Yorkshire and the Humber region was a low 33.52%, with Harrogate’s turnout the highest in the region at 42.78%.

European elections: The national turnout was once again low in the UK

In 2014, turnout nationally was 35.6%. In 2019 turnout nationally was estimated at 37%.