Harrogate Volunteering Oscars 2015 shortlist

Winners of the 2014 Harrogate and District Volunteering Oscars
Winners of the 2014 Harrogate and District Volunteering Oscars

The 8th annual Harrogate & District Volunteering Oscars will again celebrate the tremendous work done by volunteers in our community by such a diverse group of people of all ages, whilst recognising those who have gone the extra mile and thanking them for all that they do.

The Harrogate District is a much better place to live and work because of the contribution from all our volunteers.

The awards are organised by former Mayor of Harrogate Coun John Fox together with the Harrogate Advertiser Series.

All those nominated will attend a glittering ceremony in Harrogate on Friday (October 31). Winners will be revealed on this website at 8.30pm.

Coun Fox said: “I am really pleased that we are again able to celebrate the support given by volunteers throughout the District to so many different organisations, which makes our community a better place.”

Since we started the Harrogate & District Volunteering Oscars we have celebrated the work of over 2500 volunteers of all ages.”

The following organisations are sponsors of the 2015 Harrogate and District Volunteering Oscars: CNG Ltd, Harrogate Town AFC, The PPR Foundation and Stephen H. Smith’s Garden & Leisure, Otley.

Young Volunteer of the Year

Harriet Aird, Laura Best, Becky Bowe, Nicki Hall, Daisy Howe, Georgia O’Neill, Leah Osborn, Siobhan Paines, Joseph Priestley, Holly Todd.

Care Volunteer of the Year

Ann Burrell, Nicki Hall, Saint Michael’s volunteer visitors, Irene Taylor, Susan Tetley.

Community Volunteer of the year

2nd Ripon Methodist Brownies - April Martin, Gemma Martin & Vicky Spears, Carol Agar, Jane Blayney, Roy and Drene Brooks, Ann Burrell, Michelle Chevlin, Bill Clarke, Tom and Linda Clough, Yvonne Covell, Maria Dawbarn / Jennie Roux, Sandra Gilbert, Angela Henson, Carolyn Hope, Ken Horner, Linda Macrow, Gemma Martin, Pamela Millen, Philip Proudley, Jenny Rennison, Carolyn Rothwell, Eleanor Scratchard, Scuba Diving For All, Trixie Slade, James Stewart, Robin Stride, Audrey Summersgill, Jennifer Tate, Louise Terzza/Sheryl Hudson.

Environment Volunteer of the year

Catherine Baxter, Jane Blayney, Ros Evans, Pamela Millen, Carolyn Rothwell, Trixie Slade, Audrey Summersgill, Simon Warwick.

Sports Volunteer of the year

Nigel Bentley, Yvonne Covell, Matt Paxton, Scuba Diving For All.

Wildlife Volunteer of the year

Bob Evison, Terry Knowles, Tony Knowles, Teresa Marshall, Pamela Millen, Carolyn Rothwell, Audrey Summersgill.

Unsung Hero, Harrogate

Ann Burrell, Jane Blayney, Tom and Linda Clough, Beryl Dunsby, Flower team at Saint Michael’s Hospice, Sue Grant, Majorie Horsman, Derry Jones, Emma Lofthouse, Linda Macrow, Thom Norman, Carolyn Rothwell, James Stewart, Louise Terzza/Sheryl Hudson, Janet Thomas, Holly Todd.

Unsung Hero, Knaresborough

Sheila Bradley-Smith, Maria Dawbarn/Jennie Roux, Joyce Watmough.

Unsung Hero, Ripon and Boroughbridge

Roy and Drene Brooks, Mary Knoll, Trixie Slade, Volunteer drivers from the Ripon and Rural Voluntary Car Driving Service, Liz Vose.

Unsung Hero, Nidderdale

Terry Knowles, Tony Knowles, Jill McLean.

New Volunteer of the year

Roger Busby (and Alfie), Anton Clarkson, Lynne Gray, Timothy Hawkins, Carolyn Hope, Gemma Kell, Sian Lawton, Bryan Peters, Sally Pickersgill, Norman Smales.

Trustee of the year

Sue Donnelly, Tim Hurren. Emma Lofthouse, Andrew Newton, Liz Vose.

Organisation of the year

Autism Angels, 2nd Ripon Methodist Brownies, Boroughbridge Community Care, Carers Time Off, Maria Dawbarn/Jennie Roux, Girlguiding North Yorkshire West, Our Angels Charity and Support Group, Open Country, Scuba Diving For All, Supporting Older People Home Visiting Scheme, Washburn Heritage Centre.

Corporate Engagement award

Covance, Engage Mutual Assurance (now One Family), Interim Partners, Lifeline through Football.

Volunteer of the Year

Janet Angel, Jane Blayney, Roy and Drene Brooks, Yvonne Covell, Ros Evans, Dawn Flower, Sandra Gilbert, Emma Lofthouse, Gemma Martin, Our Angels Charity & Support Group, Sally Pickersgill, Trixie Slade, Ben Smith, James Stewart, Audrey Summersgill, Corrine Young.

Lifetime Volunteer to be announced on the night.