Harrogate street revealed to be most expensive to live on in Yorkshire

Rutland Drive in Harrogate
Rutland Drive in Harrogate

A street in Harrogate has been revealed to be the most expensive street in Yorkshire and the Humber with the average home costing more than £1million.

In new research, composed by Lloyds Banking Group, Rutland Drive was found to be the most expensive street to live on in the region.

Rutland Drive in Harrogate

Rutland Drive in Harrogate

The annual research lists the 50 most expensive residential streets in England and Wales based on Land Registry records of transactions made between January 2010 and October 2015.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kensington and Chelsea featured heavily with seven of the 10 priciest residential streets in England and Wales emerging from the area.

In fact, all the top 50 most expensive streets in England and Wales are located in southern England, with more than half (28) in London and a further 19 in the south-east.

However, in regards to Yorkshire and the Humber, Harrogate boasts the most expensive street with the average house on Rutland drive costing £1.191million.

The report found that streets in the 'Golden Triangle' between Harrogate, Wetherby and north Leeds tend to be the most expensive in the area.

While Rutland Drive, in the Duchy Estate, proved to be the most expensive street other exclusive addresses include Duchy Road with an average house price of £990,000.

Harewood Road in Wetherby also features prominently with the average house costing £801,000 with houses on Bracken Park and Ling Lane in Lane in Leeds both close to £1million.

Andrew Mason, Mortgages Director at Lloyds Bank, said: "The largest concentration of England's most expensive streets is in Kensington and Chelsea.

"This part of London has always had a glamorous reputation, attracting overseas buyers as well as those from the worlds of business and entertainment.

"The area clearly has its attractions with excellent schools, designer shops, close proximity to the capital's business district and properties with the highest specifications.

"Other areas in the capital have similar qualities but property prices in Kensington and Chelsea tend to outperform the rest of London.

“Outside London, the areas with the most expensive streets are generally located away from central areas, where buyers are typically attracted by larger properties and more green space.

"These areas can be as diverse as Surrey, Cheshire, the ’Golden Triangle’ in Yorkshire and Poole on the south coast."

Victoria Road, which runs parallel to Queen's Gate up to Kensington Gardens, took the top spot in the list with the average price just north of £8million.