Harrogate Sea Cadets

IF YOU have ever been to the Remembrance Day Parade at the Cenotaph or been out at Farnham on a summer's afternoon or been to The Harrogate International Music festival you will have seen Harrogate Sea Cadets. You have probably thought now that looks serious fun and, if you're a parent, you would have thought – how can I get my son or daughter involved in that? You will be pleased also to know that Sea Cadets is not a recruiting medium for The Royal Navy – it solely provides responsibili

Take a typical cadet for instance - in the past year he has passed his RYA 2 sailing course, spent a week on an offshore cruiser learning navigation and engineering, played in the Band at Trafalgar Square, and marched down The Mall, taken part in the Parade at The Cenotaph, spent weekends sailing at Farnham and been part of the winning team on a weekend expedition training. Ahead of him are Powerboating courses, playing at Twickenham in front of 50,000 people, a week on a tall ship, learning how to take command of a boat and attending a course where you spend a whole week sailing, shooting, kayaking and many many more things. It is serious fun with a practical life skills side to it.

If you are a parent reading this your probably thinking sounds alright to me – give me facts; and if your aged between ten and 18 you are probably thinking, tell me more. Well read on – it gets better.

Sea Cadets meet twice a week at TS Cleopatra at the far end of Springfield Mews (opposite the main entrance to The Majestic Hotel) and it's only 1 per night, weekend activities cost about 5, a week’s camp with all food starts at 40, train fares to courses held all over the country are paid for, all naval clothing is provided for 20 and the unit band is open for all to try – you’ve probably seen the fantastic drums, bugles, glocks and flatbeds that belong to the unit. Summer camp at the beginning of August is held on a Destroyer moored in Portsmouth Harbour.

Summer’s coming up, the sails are unfurling, you can nearly hear the band and bugles playing and you can already anticipate the fun you are going to experience this summer – but only if you are Sea Cadet. Joining too late might mean you miss out. Sea Cadets meet between 7-9pm every Monday and Friday. Why not pop along at 7pm on one of those evenings or give Mike Langford (Chair of the Parents and Supporters association) a ring any time during the day or evening on 07733 150873 and you can learn more.