Harrogate Photographic Society

'THREE of a Kind' is what they called it – the lecture from club members Joe Kehoe and the 'two Mikes', that is Wootton and Bojdo! Sadly, Mike Bojdo couldn't make it this time but Joe and Mike Wootton set the scene, which came out of their monochrome slide photo-essay of a closed out-of-season Blackpool, given by all three in the Society's 1986/87 programme.

Once again the sometimes startling, sometimes seedy but always nostalgic pictures from

this well-remembered sequence grabbed us, from the Tower reflected in a rockpool to the woman with pigeons on both arms, a mother swinging her child around with the lifeless Big Wheel in the background, a sad ‘busker’ playing accordion to the seagulls and shop windows as empty as the beach save the solitary man walking his dog!

Joe then gave us the story of his own photography from his first compact in 1960 through to colour underwater photography (diving once in a Force Seven gale!) from sandwiching his slides to make montages eg a man’s face in a dandelion clock (!) years of darkroom printing and selenium toning, a love of the landscape and to recent digital means. His wonderful pictures of The Shambles, York in the snow at night have recently brought more admiration and success alongside which he displayed more prints on the wall with those of Mike.

Mike Wootton showed slides of various projects like the Leeds Liverpool Canal, his penchant for sculpture, museums and galleries and his love of architectural subjects. He gave us record shots of historical and heritage sites. He loves the atmosphere of old cemeteries and the sturdy grandeur of the Yew, which led to his confession of a passion for trees and took us from Louisiana outside New Orleans to Barcelona, Virginia to Venice, a saturated Oregon rainforest to the skeletal trees in a Montmartre cemetery, Paris and home to silver birches in the moonlight at our own Knapping Mount!

Richard Bown ARPS gave them a monumental vote of thanks, remarking on their imaginative journeys of self-discovery from darkroom to digital manipulation.