Harrogate Film Festival founder explains aims to Harrogate Advertiser

Harrogate Film Festival screening - A Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller.
Harrogate Film Festival screening - A Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller.

The young founder of a new film festival for Harrogate has been talking about the aims and inspiration of the first-ever Harrogate Film Festival.

The new Harrogate Film Festival will launch in 2017 with a series of 'warm-up' movie events in different locations across town starting next month.
Owned by Adam Chandler, director of Harrogate based video production company Reel Film, the new festival aims to delight film-watchers and film-makers by staging unique and innovative events around Harrogate from March 3-5, 2017 using a variety of different venues to showcase a wide variety of movies.
Venues involved include Harrogate Theatre's HIVE, The Crown Hotel, Mercer Art Gallery, Revolution De Cuba Harrogate and many more to be announced.
Adam Chandler's ambition is make the festival one of the most loved and successful film festivals in the future.
A member of Cinema for All and Film Hub North, planning for Harrogate Film Festival began in the summer of 2014.
The new event is being run by a mix of local businesses and volunteers and its owner says it already has more than 15 local business sponsors.
As part of its warm-up season in the build-up to the festival proper, on Sunday, November 20 the festival will visit Ashville College where we screen Ghostbusters. to screen popular family comedy Ghostbusters.
Parents will be invited to bring their children along for a ghost walk, create some arts and crafts and give out a prize for the best-dressed ghost before screening this classic in Ashville’s new Soothill Hall.
Something for the adults, the festival will be taking over the Restaurant Bar & Grill on November 24 to screen Ocean's Eleven with a three-course meal, casino tables and a live band before watching this classic.
Finally, on December 4, it will hold Agatha Afternoon at the Old Swan Hotel on the 70th anniversary of her disappearance to the exact date with a screening of the classic movie versionone of the best novels, Murder on the Orient Express.
Tickets are now on sale for our warm-up events and selected main festival events which can be booked at Harrogate Theatre Box Office on the phone on 01423 502116 or in person at the Box Office.
They can also be booked online at www.harrogatefilm.co.uk.