Harrogate female rapper's song of hope on mental health

Harrogate's only female rapper has spoken about her battle with mental illness and how she is keen to offer a musical message of hope to others in a similar situation.

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 2:43 pm
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 7:29 am
Message of hope about loneliness and mental health issues - Harrogate rapper Sara Winta.

Sara Winta, who first took to the mic on stage at Knaresborough's feva festival in 2012, said she wanted people to know that they are never alone.The ex-Harrogate College student has even recorded a new track with Harrogate music producer Dan Mizen called Tears.

Her aim is to try to reach people who have their own struggles with mental health.

She said: "I’ve been unwell a lot recently and felt it was the right time to speak about it."If if I can do it I know other people can too. I want people to know it’s ok to talk about how they feel and ask for help or try new things."You can feel proud of yourself, you can relate to other people. I want people to know they’re never alone."

Sara, who was brought up mostly by her incredibly supportive mum, said she had suffered from mental illness for years and had been in hospital several times as a result.Known for her intelligent and rapid-fire style of rapping, she is still on medication but believes it is music which has given her hope.

Sara, who went to New Park Primary School, said: "I've felt alone in the past and tried to end my life. I love doing music and that was even something I stopped doing."But I realised that’s my voice. I did a verse in the track about how it affects me and gave a detailed message about the illness and how I feel."

Sara is grateful. in particular. to Knaresborough music charity Orb where she first started recording her music.And she is delighted that Tears has been so well received.

If there's one message she hopes listeners will take from it is they are not alone.

Sara said: "The response from people to the track has been amazing."I believe we’re all good at something. There’s so many different things people can get involved with like Orb."People tell me sometimes that I have it all together and I really don’t."I want my music to help people see they’re not alone."