Harrogate dealer's shock revelation on drugs

HEROIN can be ordered and delivered to Harrogate homes quicker than a pizza, a former Class A drugs dealer told the Advertiser this week. In just one phone call, heroin can be at your door within minutes, said the man, who made contact after reading the Advertiser's Harrogate's No to Heroin campaign.

He wants to tell his story and help lobby for more help in Harrogate for recovering addicts.The man who has been in prison previously for dealing, also used heroin himself but says he is now clean.

In Harrogate town centre there are usually at least six dealers peddling the deadly drug on an average day, he said.

And everyone from businessmen to homeless people are buying it.

"A lot of my customers were very well-to-do, turning up at lunchtime in a suit in their car," he said.

"People don't realise that heroin is like a pandemic. I don't think it's unique to Harrogate, but Harrogate does have quite a lot of money."

He said he and his former associate used to be two of the main people to go to for heroin in Harrogate.

"There's a very sterotypical view of what addicts are. It's not necessarily the case," he said.

"A lot of people don't realise that there are a lot of people taking heroin who are very well paid."

Most drug dealers have "satellite dealers" working for them on the streets, who they pay in heroin, he said.

Heroin and cocaine are easier to get hold of than cannabis.

"If you're in Harrogate town centre you could have heroin in five or ten minutes," he said. "If there is a back log with one dealer, you can go to someone else."

Even though he is no longer a dealer, the man said he could still call someone and have heroin delivered to his door within minutes.

"I walk round Harrogate and I see vehicles that I know are drug trafficking, I see people that I know are dealing, I walk past buildings that I know people are using to deal drugs," he said.

He says more help needs to be made available to people trying to kick heroin addictions.

"There are people that try to come off heroin but they are in a trap and it's difficult to come out of it," he said.

He also listed prices for heroin in Harrogate ranging from 10 through to 650 for one ounce.

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