Harrogate band Black Ocean unveil new EP with Leeds gig

Harrogate alt-rock group Black Ocean.
Harrogate alt-rock group Black Ocean.

Harrogate alt-rock group Black Ocean are about to launch their debut EP with a special gig in Leeds.

The up-and-coming four-piece, whose music was featured in an acclaimed dramatic production at Harrogate Theatre earlier in the year, will unveil the five tracks live at the 360 Club at The Library in Leeds on Friday, July 15.

As to what the Harrogate Advertiser thinks of the new release, here is what used to be called "a review."

Black Ocean are a proper band which doesn’t mean this Harrogate-based four-piece are the finished article just that they act, feel and sound right.

The five tracks on their self-titled debut EP show a grungey guitar band full of attitude and promise and they’re picking up friends on BBC 6Music already.

Like Nirvana, Jonny Nelson (vocals/bass), Mark Robinson (guitar), Josh Lawson (guitar) and Will Price (drums) have all those loud/quiet, noise/melody contradictions all nicely sewn up inside a loose lumberjack shirt.

That relaxed approach combined with a fierce energy is the key to the success of this EP, particularly on impressive opening track It’s What We’re Here For and the closing one Glow.

Looking further down the line, Black Ocean could do with a couple of killer riffs, slightly stronger choruses and more frequent lead guitar parts. But Nevermind wasn’t built in a day."