Happy day as Mini marvel is released

Six happy and healthy hedgehogs have been released into the wild at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 2:10 pm
Mini was so small she easily fitted into the palm of a hand.

They were rescued from the grounds of the World Heritage Site throughout the summer last year, all underweight, sick and in urgent need of care.

Jacqui and Peter Morrell, founders of Hedgehog Appreciation of Prickly Pals Yorkshire (HAPPY), took on the task of looking after the animals with the help of Sharon Clayton, an ex-veterinary nurse.

Thanks to the dedication of the team, the hedgehogs were hand-reared and nursed back to health over an 11-month period.

The release of six healthy hedgehogs has been cause for celebration at the venue.

Mini, the first hedgehog found last year, was so small at 65g she fit in the palm of a hand. She was released at a healthy weight of 781g.

A Studley Royal estate spokesman said: “It’s been so wonderful to see her released back healthy and happy.”

HAPPY is raising awareness of the plight of hedgehogs, which are only seen in daylight if there’s an underlying health condition.

It said: “Hedgehogs found in the sun generally look like they’re just enjoying some sun – but in fact they’ll be slow, lethargic and likely to be suffering with parasites and fleas. It’s a common misnomer.”