Gino's restaurant to host Harrogate musician's album launch

New tracks - The Paul Mirfin Band
New tracks - The Paul Mirfin Band

The Paul Mirfin Band are launching their debut album Ancient Roads, which was recorded at Harrogate’s Homefire Studios, with a special show in Harrogate this week.

The launch will take place at Gino D’campo Restaurant in Harrogate on Parliament Street with a live performance by the popular railway worker/singer-songwriter, who is known as the “singing conductor, and his band at 8pm.

Since his band’s first EP, Bring the Rain, got a rave reception in 2016, Paul Mirfin’s musical career has been moving fast, nearly as fast as the Harrogate line trains he serves as a conductor on.

Paul said: “Without the backing of our fans we couldn’t produce the high quality standard of recording that will get played on radio and reach new audiences across the world.”

Performed by Paul and Mssrs Warren Timmis (lead guitar), Mark Boyle (banjo, shruti), John Evamy (violin) and Ben Mirfin (drums, vocals). the 11 new songs on Ancient Roads should build his reputation wider and further.

Not that word of the strength of his thoughtful and melodic semi-acoustic songs which add a Yorkshire slant to American country porch music influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash and David Crowder hasn’t already seeped out.
This is a man and a band, afterall, who sold out Harrogate’s glittering Royal Hall with its 900 audience capacity last year for charity.
There have already been international dates in California, Slovenia and South Africa.

Harrogate's 'Singing Conductor' scores hit at Royal Hall!

Once the launch is over, Paul and his band are heading straight for San Francisco where they are scheduled to appear in the Joshua Festival. the only British band playing at the festival this year.

Festival director Aaron Diello invited them over after hearing the band’s song Trust in the Silence.