Flash floods as heavy rain continues

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Continued heavy rain has caused flash flooding in villages around the district.

Downpours over recent days saw water enter properties in Summerbridge yesterday. Thursday, May 10.

Firefighters were called to help and used light pumps and am improvised dam to try and save the homes.

Crews from Ripon were also called to rescue 350 sheep stranded by rising waters on Middleham, near Leyburn.

The flock had become stranded on an island at risk from flooding as the River Ure rose.

Firefighters from Leyburn and Ripon were called to help with along with a specialist swift water rescue team from Richmond,

The crews initially used ladders and inflatable walkways to reach the sheep but as waters continued to rise had to resort to a tractor and trailer with high ground clearance to get the animals to safety.

The Environment Agency has a flood warning in place in the River Ure at Roecliffe Caravan Park, Boroughbridge, and the River Swale at Kirby Wiske near Thirsk.

Lower level flood alerts are also in place along the Ure, Swale, Nidd and Wiske. For more information is available on the Environment Agency website