Family picks up five firsts at festival

THE Harrogate Competitive Festival for Music, Speech and Drama came to an end on Sunday after showcasing the talents of hundreds of amateur performers of all ages and abilities from across the district and beyond.

The final weekend welcomed choirs, percussionists, orchestras, bands, jazz bands and singers.

It was a particularly successful weekend for the Jennings family from Ripon, who between them - dad Philip, mum Katherine and sisters Emily, Isobel and Judith - picked up five firsts, one second and six thirds.

Christian Lunn, from Harrogate, a member of the Knaresborough School of Speech and Drama, again had a very successful festival in both a variety of singing classes and the British Composer class. He also performed at the Final Concert with the Knaresborough School of Speech and Drama who had won the Group Drama age 15 and under.

Brian Chicken, press officer for the festival, said: “I think these are a very good example of the variety, scope and opportunities which the festival offers. It has proved once again what a wealth of talent there is in the area and it is a great credit to the schools, teachers and parents.”

The festival concluded with an entertaining concert at which Alice Maslin from Leeds won the Young Musician of the Festival with her perfomance on the piano. Matthew Johnson of Harrogate was awarded the Festival Sponsorship to the Betty Yager Drama Summer School at Lincoln.

The winners of the Year 7 Woodwind Trio – Sam Gillespie, Polly Ash and Callum Parker – got the entertainment part of the concert off to a tremendous start, bringing the house down with their rendition of "The Lone-Arranger Goes Sax Mad" while an equally high-quality performance of an unusual Handel-inspired "Sing a Song of Sixpence", by the joint winners of the Open Vocal Trio, sisters Sarah, Jenna and Hannah Mason, ensured that the high quality entertainment continued.

Next year's festival will take place over the weekends of February 22 and 29, and March 7. Check for details.

Results – Final weekend:

Young Musician of the Festival: Alice Maslin, Leeds, Piano.

Young Musician – Singer: Winner, Emily Jennings, Ripon; 2, Matthew Bailey, Harrogate.

Thompson Silver Rose Bowl: 1, Helen Geldert, Harrogate; equal 2, Rod Rees, Mere and John Pattison, Holmes Chapel.

Premier Gold Medal for Lyric Soloists: 1, Helen Geldert, Harrogate; 2, David MacDonald, Green Hammerton.

Solo Singing: Girls – Age 18 and under – 1, Emily Jennings, Ripon; 2, Deborah Bartlett, Harrogate; 3, Nicola Burrows, Addingham. Year 10 and under – 1, Lizzie Quirke, Harrogate; 2, Hetty McMurray, Harrogate; equal 3, Isobel Jennings, Ripon and Laura Marks, Leeds. Years 7 and 8 – Class One 1, Aloise Hickey, Harrogate; 2, Sarah Day, Harrogate; equal 3, Olivia Stanford, Harrogate and Bethany McKenzie-Shore, Harrogate. Class 2, Equal 1, Lucinda Steven, Harrogate and Alicia Carter, Harrogate; 3, Eleanor Smith, Harrogate. Overall winner – Aloise Hickey, Harrogate.

Solo Singing: Boys – Age 18 and under – 1, Matthew Bailey, Harrogate; 2, Dennis Maher, Harrogate; 3, Christian Lunn, Harrogate. Year 10 and under – 1, Christian Lunn, Harrogate; 2, Jason Hill, Harrogate; 3, Steve Jones, Harrogate. Year 9 and under – 1, Pierce Aungier, Harrogate; equal 2, James Jenkins, Roundhay and Peter Thomson, Harrogate. – Year 7 and under – 1, William Rowntree, Harrogate; 2, Pierce Aungier, Harrogate.

Boys and Girls – Year 5 and 6 – Class one - 1, Eleonore Cockerham, Harrogate; equal 2, Pippa Feldberg Collins, Harrogate and Pierce Aungier, Harrogate; equal 3, Eleanor Waind, Harrogate and Sarah Mason, Harrogate. Class 2 – 1, Jack Smith, Harrogate; 2, Hannah Williams, Harrogate; 3, Emily Scullion, Harrogate. Year 4 and under – 1, Tara Sorkin, Harrogate; 2, Beth Brown, Harrogate; 3, Hannah Gregan, Harrogate. Overall winner – Eleonore Cockerham, Harrogate.

Novice – Open – Ruth Simpson, York; 2, Esther Longworth, Harrogate; 3, Gary Bones, Harrogate.

Recital – Age 18 and over – Winner – Rod Rees, Mere. Age 60 and over – Winner – Alan Tabor, Ripon.

Folk Song – Open – 1, Lucy Morton, Harrogate; 2, Ruth Simpson, York; 3, Emily Yarborough, Harrogate. Year 10 and under – 1, Emily Jennings, Ripon; 2, Christian Lunn, Harrogate; 3, Steve Jones, Harrogate. Year 7 and under – Eleonore Cockerham, Harrogate; 2, Lydia Bradd, Harrogate; 3, Jack Smith, Harrogate.

Victorian or Edwardian Ballad – 1, John Pattison, Holmes Chapel; 2, Rod Rees, Mere; 3, Isobel Jennings, Ripon. Gilbert and Sullivan – 1, Philip Jennings, Ripon; 2, John Pattison, Holmes Chapel.

British Composer – Open – 1, Christian Lunn, Harrogate; 2, Helen Geldert, Harrogate; 3, Esther Longworth, Harrogate. Operatic Aria – 1, Katherine Jennings, Ripon; 2. David MacDonald, Green Hammerton; 3, John Pattison, Holmes Chapel. Oratorio – 1, John Pattison, Holmes Chapel; 2, Rod Rees, Mere; 3, John Whelan, Wakefield. Negro Spiritual – Winner – Emily Yarborough, Harrogate. Lieder – 1, David MacDonald, Green Hammerton; equal 2, Eve Berwin, Leeds and Helen Geldert, Harrogate.

Solo from a Show or Musical – Age 18 and over – 1, David MacDonald, Green Hammerton; 2, Rod Rees, Mere; 3, Judith Jennings, Ripon. Year 11-13 - Class one- 1, Dennis Maher, Harrogate; 2, Ruth Simpson, York; 3, Rachael Haslem, Leeds. Class 2, 1, Alexandra Ward, Collingham; 2, Laura Paxton, Harrogate; 3, Annie Cansick, Harrogate. Overall Winner – Alexandra Ward, Collingham. Year 8 -10 – Class one – 1, Christian Lunn, Harrogate; 2, Bethany Hutchinson, Leeds; equal 3, Verity Kirk, Harrogate and Stephanie Solly, York. Class 2 - 1, Lauren Whiteley, Bradford; 2, Olivia Brook Wallace, Leeds; 3, Emily Jennings, Ripon. Overall winner – Christian Lunn, Harrogate.

Vocal Duet – Open – 1, Philip and Isobel Jennings, Ripon; 2, Rod Rees and John Pattison, Mere; 3, Emma Hartley and Alice Rose, Leeds. Year 10 and under – 1, Charlie and Sophie Stott, Harrogate; 2, Cordelia Newbery and Isla Davey, Harrogate; 3, Emily and Isobel Jennings, Ripon. Year 7 and under – 1, Hannah Williams and Hannah Whiteley, Harrogate; 2, Hannah Mason and Megan Gilbert, Harrogate; equal 3, Amelia Boden and Eleonore Cockerham, Harrogate and Paige Jowsey and Pippa Feldberg Collins, Harrogate.

Vocal Trio – Open – Equal 1, Sarah, Jenna and Hannah Mason, Harrogate and Ellen Woods, John Russell and Guy Bottomley, Harrogate; equal 2, The Jennings Sisters, Ripon and Phoenix, Harrogate; equal 3, Hetty McMurray, Rosie Gill, and Holly Britton, Harrogate; and Cordelia Newberry, Isla Davey and Katie Skinner, Harrogate and Victoria Couchman, Lizzie Quirke and Virginia Lee, Harrogate.

Vocal Group – Open – 1, Harmony, Harrogate; 2, The Barbies, Harrogate; 3, The Jennings Family, Ripon. Primary Choir – Class 1: Year 6 and Under – 1, Gateways School Upper Junior Choir, Harewood; 2, Pannal Primary School, Harrogate; 3, St Joseph’s , Harrogate. Class 2: 1, First Verse and Chorus, Harrogate; 2, Belmont Grosvenor School Combined Choirs, Birstwith; Gateways School Training Choir, Harewood. Overall winner – First Verse and Chorus, Harrogate.

Junior Choir – Year 8 and under – 1, St Aidan’s School Junior Choir, Harrogate; 2, Verse and Chorus, Harrogate; 3, Gallery Choir of Harrogate Ladies’ College, Harrogate. Intermediate Choir - Year 11 and under – 1, Verse and Chorus, Harrogate; 2, St. John Fisher Senior Choir, Harrogate; 3, St. Aidan’s Senior Voices, Harrogate.

Northern Chorister Championship – Year 9 and under – Peter Thomson, Harrogate; 2, Ann Wilkes, Huddersfield; 3, Alice Bainbridge, Harrogate.

Senior Choir including Year 13 – 1, Gateways Senior Choir, Harewood; 2, Mixed Emotions, Harrogate; 3, Chapel Choir of Harrogate Ladies College, Harrogate.

Madrigal Choir – Winner – Queen Ethelburga’s College Chamber Choir, York. Church Music: SS Choir – 1, Chapel Choir of Harrogate Ladies College, Harrogate; 2, Verse and Chorus, Harrogate. SATB Choir – Winner – The Choir of St. Paul’s United Reform Church, Harrogate.

Choir – Male, Female or Mixed – 1, Verse and Chorus, Harrogate; 2, Chapel Choir of Harrogate Ladies’ College, Harrogate; 3, Ladybrook Singers, Stockport. Choral Challenge – 1, Verse and Chorus, Harrogate; 2, Chapel Choir of Harrogate Ladies’ College, Harrogate.

Percussion: Age 18 and under -1, Jonathon Wheeler, Harrogate; equal 2, Mathew Beer, Harrogate and Charles Inshaw, Harrogate. Year 10 and under – 1, George Swyer, Harrogate; 2, Ross Brown, Wetherby. Year 6 and under – 1, Joshua Stanford, Harrogate; 2, George Ellis, Harrogate.

Ensemble – Open – 1, St. John Fisher Steel Band, Harrogate; 2, Rossett Community Samba Band, Harrogate.– Year 8 and under – Winner – Rossett School Mini Samba, Harrogate.

Youth / School Orchestra: Up to year 13 inclusive – Winner – Ripon Grammar School Orchestra, Ripon. Year 6 and under – 1, Highfield Preparatory School, Thirsk; 2, St. Robert’s R. C. Primary, Harrogate.

Brass / Concert Band – Open – 1, Tewit Youth Band, Harrogate; 2, St Aidan’s Concert Band, Harrogate; 3, Harrogate High School Concert Band, Harrogate.

Jazz / Swing Band – Up to year 13 – 1, Ripon Grammar School Lower School Big Band, Ripon; 2, St Aidan’s Swing Band, Harrogate; 3, High Jazz, Harrogate.

l Results from last week - Recorder Group: Year 6 and under - 1, Lord Deramore’s Primary School, York; equal 2, Dringhouses Primary School, York and Pannal School, Harrogate.

Sonnet Class 16 and over - 1. Matthew Johnson from Harrogate, 2. Lucy Evans.