Family bounces back

The Moon family who run Fountains Guest House in Ripon. From left are Emilie, Amelia 3, Scott and Josh 6. (110427AR2pic1)
The Moon family who run Fountains Guest House in Ripon. From left are Emilie, Amelia 3, Scott and Josh 6. (110427AR2pic1)

A RIPON family are celebrating getting back on their feet after a series of disasters left them without a business or a home.

It all started for Scott and Emilie Moon along with children Josh, six, and Amelia, three, on December 19 when they left their home and B&B business Foutains Guest House on North Road, Ripon, and set off for a holiday of a lifetime arranged by Emilie’s parents, who live in Hong Kong.

After eight hours stuck on a snow-bound M1 the Moons arrived at Heathrow to find their flight cancelled.

Undettered they went to stay with friends nearby in the hope of catching another flight.

Four days later and just hours before their rescheduled flight was due to take off, Scott took a phone call from Ripon with more bad news.

A neighbour, with a spare key to the house had spotted water pouring out from their home and went inside to check.

She found burst pipes flooding the four storey Victorian building from top to bottom. The Moons were forced to abandon their holiday plans and return to face the destruction on Christmas Eve.

“It was lucky I left a key with my neighbour at all. I usually give a key to my parents in Thirsk, but a couple of weeks before we went, my neighbour’s outside tap froze and burst, and the amount of water pouring out was incredible. That made me think I better leave a key with someone closer.”

“We think the water had been running for about two hours and everything was soaking – furniture, carpets, curtains – everything. If my neighbour hadn’t had the key it would have been all night before someone got in, and I think the floors would have caved in by then.”

The family went to stay with Scott’s parents and spent four days commuting and trying to dry out their home.

“It’s not been ideal with the kids in a small cottage,” said Scott

“I think its been hardest on them out of everyone.”

They then had some good news, they were able to get a flight to Hong Kong for a well deserved break – only for the airline to lose their luggage.

Back home they were dealt another blow when their insurance company decided they did not have enough cover for their home contents.

“We thought the insurance company would sort it all out straight away, but they couldn’t even get anyone out for the first month. We weren’t allowed to do anything in the house, not even take up carpets. It all sat soaking wet for weeks before we could do any work.”

The business finally re-opened for their first guests on Good Friday and although the private areas of the house still need work, Scott is optimistic about the season ahead.

“I think we’ve had all our bad luck for a while.

“It’s been quite a saga but we are finally up and running again now and looking forward to being back home and back in business.

“We are just pleased to be back.”